Sensisto 2.0

Maximizing Value Through Optimization


Effective Resource Allocation

Identify and prepare for Rush & Quite Hours by optimizing resource allocation

Transparent Data Visualization

Our revolutionary method of visualizing information allows the user to both see the overview and locate discrepancies intuitively

Simulation of Optimal Layout

Applying high-end algorithms allows to create an optimal layout that maximizes the wanted KPI

Our perception on "nice to know" analytics...

Retail focused analytics need to be more than “nice to know”. This is what Sensisto has been striving from the beginning. Through multitude of trial-and-errors, we have with our clients been able to create a dashboard that offers retail chains and shopping centers with actionable information.

Sensisto 1.0 revolutionized the way to visualize the integrated data from multiple sources.

Sensisto 2.0  now exercises the gathered data and generates actionable insights with a promise to increase your overall sales.  

Shopping Centers

A complex property such as a Shopping Center, requires shopping center managers and asset managers to have the right tool to

Maximize ROI

This requires a tool allowing to:

  1. Exploit all internal and external data sources under a single system
  2. Understand the current situation and forecast the future
  3. Have a data-backed system to support rent negotiation with potential tentants

Retail Chains

Retail chains require dynamic monitoring and decision making by store managers and top management to

Maximize Overall Chain Performance

This requires a tool allowing to:

  1. Understand store overview and identify discrepancies
  2. Optimize product placement and advertisement maximizing the desired KPI
  3. Compare stores dynamically under multiple KPIs